Are Hyper-Lites compatible with my bike?

Yes! Hyper-Lites are compatible with all 12 volt systems!


Are Hyper-Lites CANBUS compatible?

Yes! Our system doesn't draw power from the brake light circuit, and we only use a sensot to detect extra voltage in the system!


Will Hyper-Lites cause ABS errors?

NO! We're just too effecient. Our low amp draw, 280 miliamps, coupled with our brake sensor makes us invisible to ABS sensors!


How much current do the kits draw?

Two light modules and a controller come in at just over 1/4 amp at 12 volts!


Can I switch my controller from Brake Light only to Brake/Running?

NO Sorry each controller has a firmware progam installed before it's potted. You have to order the type you want.


Do I have to cut into my bike wires to install Hyper-Lites?

NO! Positap and Positwist connectors require no cutting to install. They scew together and tap in to your wire with a pinsized probe.

Where can I mount my Hyper-Lites?

Anywhere you have a smooth surface! Hyper-Lites mount with 3M foam tap. Just clean the surface with alcohol before you stick them on.

Should I test my kit before installing it?

NO! Our kits are tested before they ship, and testing your kit to the un-fused battery can expose them to too much amperage overloading the circuit..

Why does my kit keep flashing continuously while the brake is on?

Our kits come set to continuous flashing mode. To set the kit to 5 second mode just snip the green wire. If this doesn't work, detach the gray wire and reattach it. The controller needs to reset.

My lights flash when the key is turned but not when the brake is applied?

It's likely that you have reversed the gray and red wires. Switch them and try again.

An LED in my kit is out. Can it be fixed?

NO, sealing our units make it impossible to fix them. Give us a call. Your unit might be under warranty.